The Two Crows Studio is located near New Pitsligo in Aberdeenshire, in the North East of Scotland and on the web.
This site is both the gallery and part of the studio of the artist David Watson Hood.

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Do you want to purchase a painting, a print, or to commission or license a work etc.

Most of the work shown on this site is for sale in one form or the other. Prices are reasonable. Prospective purchasers, publishers, commissioners or exhibitors should contact me in the first instance by e-mail. International or UK payment can be made through PayPal. Once your order is confirmed a PayPal invoice will be sent by e mail allowing you to pay securely by debit or credit card. An online purchase facility will be introduced for some items in the near future.

I hunt alone and I do not easily fit any of the categories into which artists are currently placed. While I regard the concept of each piece as important I am not what is usually meant by the term 'a conceptual artist'. When it suits my aims to do so, I use the traditions of image making, iconography and traditional techniques but I am not a 'traditional artist'. Similarly I am too visually informed to pass as 'naive' while at the same time having avoided formal academic instruction.

I am engaged in considerations at a divergent angle to most of my fellow professional artists' present dialectic. The cultural division between town and country, between consumers and producers, has become more marked than ever before. I am not in the camp of the anti-art tabloid critic and the amateur art club reactionary but at the same time I begin my perception from a differing set of premises to the urban visual arts mainstream. My first point of reference is in nature, and I look for a cultural relevance that extends beyond the arrow slit vision of the moment.

All images are copyright © D. W. Hood, I cannot prevent anyone from illegally copying images from this site and I do not mind you doing so for your own pleasure, or for educational purposes or private study. However if you copy material for publication or for any commercial purposes you are in breach of copyright. I would appreciate a credit of authorship accompanying any use of my images or writing whatsoever, and to have my permission sought before any public use is made of this material.


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Featured in the international art-project "1001 Reasons To Love The Earth" book published and exhibitions.
Forthcoming exhibition at Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht from April 21st to May 12th, 2005
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Filmed by Granada Television creating a nude portrait of Jo Guest. Featured on "U K Exposed" on the "Men and Motors" channel.