Inkstone by D. W. Hood


Brushstroke Yan



Stone Source and Type

Green layer from the Macduff sequence Tillymorgan Quarry


Standard land and sea pools. Mainly natural in form with standard ink and water pools. This inkstone is from a layer of a colour perhaps best described by the Celtic word ‘glas’..

Mineral Patterns.

Black inclusions reminiscent of the strokes and blotches of an ink brush, some fine light ‘thread marks’ haematite ‘fire scorch’ on edges.

Other info

This material is a bit harder to cut than the darker strata in the quarry with more need of the diamond grinder disc and less of the chisel, but this one is worth it for its black inclusions.

Dimensions in centimetres

Length, 22cm Width, 14cm, Depth 4cm