The Kelpie’s Pool Inkstone

The Kelpie’s Pool inkstone yan


The Kelpie’s Pool.



Stone Source and Type

From quarry but an unusually dense black slate stone for the site.


Very large yan the border a hippocampus style kelpie with fish tail. The foreleg divides off a deep stepped water pool, two lesser water pools at either end of ink pool.

Mineral Patterns.

A lighter ghost pattern in pool a bit like a winged figure, cracked ice, threads.

Other info

The jumbled strata almost on edge means stones of very different natures of hardness and colour can be found close together.

The Story

Kelpies are a mythical Scottish freshwater aquatic monster (water horse) capable of manifesting in equine, human and water living forms. Highly dangerous but in some legends they are temporarily tamed with magic bridles to help build noted buildings such as mills or castles.

Dimensions in centimetres

Length, 34.5 Width, 16  Depth, 3.2