moon over hill inkstone


Moonrise Over Hill


approx 2014 box 2017

Stone Source and Type

Reclaimed slate of type resembling She stone. Quarry unidentified but lid possibly Foudland


An all round water pool deeper at top in the shape of a hill profile second circular pool to represent moon.

Mineral Patterns.

The yan has distinct ‘small water wave’ pattern also lots of large and small pyrite ‘gold star’. The box lid has large dramatic ‘jade belt’ and ‘jade patch’ patterns on a purplish background.

Other info

I made this inkstone (yan 硯) a few years ago but only made the box last year. Both are made from reclaimed roof tiles the yan from my barn and the lid from the house. They illustrate the huge diversity in local stone that we crudely class as 'slate' and which our folded strata allow to occur close together. Sadly the roof tile used for the lid which in many ways resembles the best Duānxi shí, and has such great greenstone inclusions, was split too thin to make a yan from.

Dimensions in centimetres

L. 21.5 W 16.5 D 4.


2017 Hardwood with inset lid of reclaimed slate probably originally from one of Foudland quarries. L. 21.5 W 16.5 D 4.