Inkstone by D. W. Hood

tropic sea yan with bishan and yin

tropical sea seals

Cloud Dragon and Pearl yan

Limestone inkstone for cinnabar ink



Tropical Sea Yan



Stone Source and Type

Jurassic limestone found as dumped demolition waste on beach next to the ‘New Ground’ car park in Gardenstown. Probably originally quarried in the Jura or in Spain


Classic sun (ink pool)and crescent moon (water pool ) design formed by two overlapping circles.

Mineral Patterns.

Fossil rich (crinoids) densely packed throughout. The ones some people seem to think are millions of years old microchips.

Other info

Suitable for cinnabar ink. Its origins were maybe in the shallow Jurassic seas of 145-201 million years ago. I suspect the stone was quarried in Germany or Spain sometime in the late 20th century. Has matching brush-rest and seals.

Dimensions in centimetres

Length, 17  Width, 12.6  Depth, 2


For sale as a set £380