Inkstone by D. W. Hood

Inchoate Echo of Waves yan


Inchoate Echoes of Waves



Stone Source and Type

Macduff metamorphic, harder type


Roughly rectangular water pool expanded at top right of ink pool. An informal shaped inkstone. Three lightning flash inclusions give the stone its name and character. Free form with large ink and water pools.

Mineral Patterns.

Haematite ‘red clouds’.

Other info

before 542 million years ago, what earth's surface would become Scotland was in the Southern Hemisphere, the Dalradian sediments were laid down in an expanding Iapetus Ocean on the margins of a continent we now call Laurentia; later in the Ordovician period these Dalradian sediments were deeply buried, compressed and heated

Dimensions in centimetres

Length, 16.5  Width, 14.7  Depth, 2.4