Inkstone by D. W. Hood

Tír na nÓg-yan


Tír na nÓg-yan



Stone Source and Type

Beach found Macduff base, lid reclaimed a roof slate probably originally from Glen of Foudland.


A round inkstone with a pouring spout and purplish slate lid with pale green inclusions. The inkstone fine grained with simple circular water channel.

Mineral Patterns.

Lid ‘jade’ spots.

Other info

Tír na nÓg "Land of the Young" is a fabulous island of the western ocean, the earthly paradise of Celtic myth, where the fairy immortals and a few select heroes enjoy perpetual and abundant: good food, good drink, good music, good weather and good love-making never aging or experiencing winter. The green stone inclusions in the slate lid reminded me of islands in a deep sea as seen from above.

Dimensions in centimetres

Dia, 9.6  Depth, 1.2 or 1.6 with lid.