“Tables of Unspoken Dreams”

seals, Yin zhang, 印章.

Stamp seals usualy used with a vermillion seal paste are an integral part of ink painting and calligraphy traditions, there are not only seals used for signatures but also leisure seals expressing mood, alias seals, studio seals, seals that function like an ex libris, and picture seals. Many Chinese painter were and are also seal carvers, at least concerning the softer stones such as Shoushan or Changhua (often wrongly reffered to as soapstones, they are not) it is a field more open to the lightly equipped amateur than inkstone making or jade carving.

Do you want to purchase an inkstone, seal, a painting, a print, or to commission or license a work etc. As most of what is shown here are either unique pieces or digital files. Prospective purchasers, publishers, commissioners or exhibitors should contact me in the first instance by e-mail. International or UK payment can be made through PayPal or BACS. Once your order is confirmed a PayPal invoice will be sent by e mail allowing you to pay securely by debit or credit card.

Ji Qiong Lao Yin Shi, yin
Ji Qiong Lao Yin Shi, yin
an alias seal
inchoate echo of waves yan
Mountain Hare seal
ruyi seal
ruyi, yin
a mood seal
horseman's seal
horseman's seal
name seal
personal name seal
moon hare yin seal
moon hare seal
salmon seal
salmon of knowledge seal
Tír na nÓg-yan
unicorn seal
Cup Mark yan
La Mer
running hound seal
Running Hound seal
cock and hen seal
Cock and Hen
Lochan Yan inkstone
Branch Yin 印