“Tables of Unspoken Dreams”

My current ongoing project was initially funded by

Visual Artists Award Scheme and Craft Makers Scheme:
Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire 2012.

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The project centres on the creation of a group of works that while contemporary and personal in subject matter utilise forms and techniques from the traditions of Chinese scholars' art. It encompasses work in painting, inkstone making, seal cutting, hard stone carving, bone carving, wood carving, carpentry, ceramics and other techniques including the complex scroll mounting process itself.

The backbone of the collection was originally intended to be paintings in Sumi ink and colour scroll mounted on silk, but as the project developed and I absorbed the obsession of "The Four Treasures of the Study" (文房四宝 wenfang sibao).

Chief among all scholars objects is the inkstone, (simplified Chinese: 砚; traditional Chinese: 硯; pinyin: yàn) or (simplified Chinese: 砚台; traditional Chinese: 硯臺; pinyin: yàn tái) (Japanese: 硯 suzuri) (Korean: 벼루 byoru) a stone mortar for the grinding and containment of solid stick ink. It can be regarded not just as a tool but as an agent of meditation, and thus they can become relics of past owners, artists and poets as well. To making and understanding these I have devoted the most time and research in part because my initial ignorance was far greater than with ink painting which I had practiced since my teens.

Do you want to purchase an inkstone, seal, a painting, a print, or to commission or license a work etc. As most of what is shown here are either unique pieces or digital files. Prospective purchasers, publishers, commissioners or exhibitors should contact me in the first instance by e-mail. International or UK payment can be made through PayPal or BACS. Once your order is confirmed a PayPal invoice will be sent by e mail allowing you to pay securely by debit or credit card.


summer lightning yan
inkstones 砚台
Ji Qiong Lao Yin Shi, yin
stamp seals 印
jade dragon stone
jades 玉

brushrests 筆山

brushpots 筆筒
dwelling in the mountains scroll ink painting
scroll painting 图画